Several Entomological Society of America blogs or news sites needed updating to become more responsive in design. 

Entomology Today is the main news blog of the ESA, and posts articles about meetings, research, and other insect news items. The original style was a fixed-width, 3-column WordPress theme, and was not mobile friendly. 

Entomology Today

The original theme; fixed width and a blogroll

I suggested we change to a flexible-layout theme that would allow larger images, as well as installing the SEO Plugin Yoast to help maximize social sharing.

I also customized the CSS to hide or alter some elements of the base theme.

This involved creating metadata page descriptions for about 200 blog posts, as well as sourcing featured images for each post.

Improving the site’s metadata increased traffic referrals from Google News by 408% in 2018.

The new design uses the “related posts” WordPress feature at the bottom of each story to surface older content that might be of interest, and keep the user on the site longer.

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I re-organized posts into new categories, making browsing easier for the reader. This also allowed division of the home page into categories, allowing readers to scan and find stories of interest quickly.

Grand Challenges

The Grand Challenges website was intended to be a repository explaining the ESA Grand Challenges, and documenting the work of the international committees. It had been started in 2015, but never completed. 

I updated the design to be mobile friendly, added multi-language support, and generally neatened up by adding documents and fixing links.

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